The Michael J. Neustadter Pancreatic Cancer Fund will continue to support the development of new treatments. Monies donated will be distributed to further support our mission.

We have recently donated to the Vonderheide Pancreatic Cancer Immunotherapy Fund at the University of Pennsylvania.

Here are some websites for more information:

Monies have also been donated to the Fine Cancer Research Fund at the New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Medical Center.

Further information can be found here:

Further Reading on
Pancreatic Cancer Research

Pancreatic Cancer ‘Breakthrough’ Hailed
“Researchers in the U.K. have made what is described as a “breakthrough reclassification” of pancreatic cancer, which offers new opportunities to treat the often-fatal disease.”
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Yale Study: Aspirin May Cut Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Half
“Taking aspirin may cut in half the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, according to a study by the Yale School of Public Health and the Yale Cancer Center.”
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Consuming a High-Quality Diet Is Associated with Lower Risk of Pancreatic Cancer
“People who reported dietary intake that was most consistent with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans had lower risk of pancreatic cancer, according to a new study published August 15 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.”
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Pancreatic Cancer:
Is the Money Where the Mouths Are?

“To my eyes, the NCI’s research list looks like a lot of chipping away at a big problem; it doesn’t appear that a “Eureka!” moment is close at hand.”
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Federal Research Funding Analysis Highlights Urgent Need For Pancreatic Cancer Legislation
“A recent report calls attention to the lack of federal resources allocated to pancreatic cancer research and supports the need for legislation.”
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Hutchinson Center and TGen scientists discover potential ‘break through’ in pancreatic cancer
“New study shows how to defeat chemotherapy barrier in nation’s 4th deadliest cancer”
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Drinking 2 sodas a week nearly doubles risk of pancreatic cancer, U study finds
“Researchers suggest a link involving high levels of insulin triggered by the sugary drinks, but others say the numbers aren’t persuasive.”
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Australian researchers release first genetic road maps for pancreatic cancer
“Australian researchers are among the first in the world to release data online about the individual genetic changes that give rise to cancer.”
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New weapon against pancreatic and prostate cancer
“An Israeli pharma company is testing an advanced compound that blocks a tumor’s blood supply. Used with standard chemo, it obliterates the growth.”
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